Claresholm Animal Rescue Society holding online 50/50 draw

By Rob Vogt
The Claresholm Animal Rescue Society is holding a fundraising online 50/50 draw, and time is running out if you want to buy tickets.
Lorraine Norgard, of the animal rescue society, said they usually hold a fundraising garage sale in the arena as a Spring fundraiser.
However, they are short of volunteers to host the garage sale, so they have decided to go online with the 50/50 draw instead.
Tickets are available by visiting (no dashes or spaces); by visiting the Facebook page “Claresholm Animal Rescue Society”; or the website
Tickets are 100 for $100; 20 for $50; four for $20; or one for $10.
The draw date is May 13, with a potential grand prize of $7,500.
Norgard said the society is hoping to raise as many funds through the 50/50 as they did through the garage sale.
All proceeds will go to pay for veterinarian care for the animals at the shelter, which ranges from $6,000 to $8,000 per month, due to the volume of animals at the shelter.
Norgard noted each animal is adopted out at a loss to the shelter. What the society charges for an adoption fee does not cover the full cost of animal care, especially if the cat or dog requires special care such as surgery.
Consequently, the animal rescue society turns to the community for its fundraising efforts.
“We have to cover our costs at the shelter,” Norgard said.
The Claresholm Animal Rescue Society is also holding a silent auction of six paintings in three locations around town – two at the optometrist’s office; two at the flower shop; and two at the library.
Norgard also encourages all pet owners to help control the pet population by having their pets spayed or neutered, and to stop breeding animals.
If they have an unwanted animal they are asked not to dump it at the shelter or the countryside.
For more information, or to have assistance buying tickets for the online 50/50 draw, please contact Barb Hinkle at 403-625-9352 or Lorraine Norgard at 4030-625-0432.