Earth Day, honouring our planet

By Janin Linke
Annually on April 22, Earth Day takes place. Starting in 1970, people were using their voices to raise awareness of environmental changes.
A United States senator organized nationwide demonstrations on this day 54 years ago.
He educated himself about the ongoing climate change and knew there had to be a change.
During the year, the United States was filled with rallies and demonstrations until the government established the Environmental Protection Agency.
Since then Earth Day has grown into a viral celebration with millions raising their voice and organizing activities to protect the planet.
On Friday, the 19th of April, Janin and Jasmine from Student Leadership held a presentation for junior high students.
They talked about the importance of Earth Day, its history and what is going on in Alberta.
Various organizations which help support the youth were mentioned as well.
“We really wanted to educate the students and show them what they can do”, Janin said.
The students participated a lot and listened eagerly.
Activities at school
On Monday, a bunch of junior high students met to walk around the school and pick up trash.
The students walked around the area with gloves and trash bags, picking up all the trash they could find
In the end, they collected a total of seven big trash bags and our school grounds look perfectly clean.
We commend all the students participating and a special mention goes to our supervisors Ms. (Jill) Klapp; Ms. (Alysa) Fisher; Cass Klapp; and Janin Linke.

April 9 – Unicorn Day at WCCHS

By Maggie Moore
On April 9, our school participated in National Unicorn Day. This entailed wearing Unicorn colours (dressing in colourful clothing) or wearing some kind of Unicorn paraphernalia.
Student leadership handed out pink-lemonade to students that were dressed for the occasion.
This event was created by our student leaders and led by the students themselves.
Some interesting Unicorn history for National Unicorn Day:
• Unicorn tales originated from around 6,000 years ago, first seen in the bible and Mesopotamia art.
• It’s said that only the purest of hearts are able to see these creatures.
• Early depictions of the unicorn were said to have a more cow or oxen body.
Why we celebrate Unicorn Day:
It’s important to understand that we celebrate Unicorn Day because of its cultural and personal significance. The unicorn is a symbol of peace, beauty, and kindness – something we need to recognize more in our everyday lives.

Grilled cheese day celebrations

By Maggie Moore
On April 12, another of the month’s events was a celebration of a national day. This one was National Grilled Cheese Day– a food favourite among both teenagers and adults alike.
This event was run and assisted by the student leadership and kind student volunteers.
April 12 was a “Junior high tutorial day’ (if students have done all their work and have good standing grades they are allowed the day off).
The junior high students missed out on these spectacular sandwiches but the high schoolers got to enjoy them fresh from the oven.