Concerns about the provincial budget funding cuts

I’m reaching out to the businesses and citizens of Claresholm and surrounding area. This government has brought down a budget that will do nothing to help the economy of this province and especially this area. How many ranchers and farmers in this area have spouses or family work in education and health care? How many have children in the schools? How many of you in town run small businesses? Who are your clients?
I’m asking you who’s the largest employer in Claresholm? Answer: health care. Who’s the second largest employer in Claresholm? Answer: education. Cutting those services by reducing salaries or attacking unions isn’t going to put more money into the pockets of those employees who in turn use the services of your businesses. They won’t be going to your restaurants. They won’t be buying your products. They most definitely won’t be spending their money on frivolous luxuries like hair styling or nails. You think things are tough now, just wait until you see the end results of the attacks happening right now on the public sector workers and the doctors in this town. The person you voted to represent you, Mr. Roger Reid is quoted in saying that healthcare and education are not sustainable yet his government gave away $4.5 to $4.7 billion to O&G and all we’ve seen is money leaving the province and companies shutting their doors. Do you really want to see the people, who are still working, laid off or having their salaries cut? Well you may get what you wished for. Enjoy the Kenney-induced depression not just a recession.
How many people that live in this community are on AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped)? The reduction in their pay will also affect your bottom line. I’m urging everyone who has any decency in them to write to Mr. Reid or call him and tell him this isn’t what you voted for. If you don’t, then you’re part of the problem. Stand up! Fight back!
Marie Aitken, Claresholm, Alta.