Reid supports pay cut to MLAs, premier

By Rob Vogt, Local Press Writer

When times are tough, everyone has to make a sacrifice, and when the province is going through a tough period its leaders have to lead by example.

That is the message Roger Reid, MLAfor Livingstone-Macleod, is bringing after the provincial government announced a five per cent pay cut for MLAs and a 10 per cent pay cut for the premier.

“We’ve had a lot of Albertans suffering,”Reid said.

On Aug. 6, Premier Jason Kenney announced the cuts, stating that, combined with the reduction in MLA pay in 2015, MLAs will be paid $13,000 less than 2014, and the premier will make $31,500 less.

MLA travel expenses were also reduced, gas cards were eliminated, and the standard mileage rate was harmonized with that of other public employees.

“We need to make some tough decisions,”Reid said. “We want to lead by example.”

He compared the decision to running his business where they make it through tough times by cutting back, so they can thrive when times get better.

Reid also noted the reaction has been “pretty positive” although people have pointed out in the overall scheme of things these reductions don’t seem like a lot.

He admitted that may be the case, but it all adds up.

“Every penny counts,”Reid said. “Every penny we save, we can put back into Alberta.”