Council creates four-way stop by Amundsen Park

By Rob Vogt, Local Press Writer

The Town of Claresholm has installed two additional stop signs downtown by Amundsen Park to turn a two-way stop into a four-way stop.

At its June 24 meeting, Claresholm town council agreed to install two stop signs, along with “NEW” signs, along Third Street West to create a four-way stop at the corner of Third Street and 50th Avenue West.

The decision came after council reviewed a report from administration, stating a resident requested council review the potential for the addition of a four-way stop at the corner of Third Street and 50th Avenue West. Currently, only the traffic travelling east/west stop at that corner.

This is also the corner adjacent to Amundsen Park.

It was noted in the report while discussions take place regarding the re-design and parking adjustments, there has been a concern raised about speeds of people and the volume of traffic at that corner.

Being it is a major corner to access the downtown lights and travelling along Third Street, a four-way stop at both west corners of Amundsen Park could attempt to control the speeds around the park, which is a playground area.

There is also the issue, the report stated, of people not realizing it is not a four-way stop and pulling out onto Third Street or going through the intersection assuming the traffic in the other direction will stop. This will address that concern as well.

“I think it’s smart,” said Coun. Lise Schulze.

Council then agreed to make the intersection a four-way stop.