Three candidates for mayor, 10 for council in municipal election

By Rob Vogt, Local Press Writer
The election field is wide open in Claresholm as three candidates have let their names stand for mayor and 10 people are running for six seats on council.
Nomination day was Sept. 18, and candidates had until noon on Sept. 19 to withdraw, which was after press time.
The unofficial candidates are (listed alphabetically):
Claresholm, mayor
• Fieguth, Betty;
• MacPherson, Doug;
• McAlonan, Mike.
Claresholm, council
• Carlson, Kieth;
• Courage, Donna;
• Cutler, Jamie (incumbent);
• Ford, Shelley (incumbent);
• Meic, Alexander;
• Moore, Gaven;
• O’Neill, Lyal (incumbent);
• Schlossberger, Brad;
• Schulze, Lise;
• Zimmer, Craig.
Ten candidates will be running for five seats, with the elected council selecting the mayor at their first meeting:
• Beresford, Barin (incumbent);
• Connor, Cath;
• Connor, John (incumbent);
• Gripping, Walter;
• Harrison, Zoria (incumbent);
• Heck, Arlette;
• Kehoe, Helen;
• Kennedy, Bernie (incumbent);
• McLean, Duncan;
• Wilde, Crystal (incumbent).
Stavely, mayor and council
Two people will be running for mayor and 11 people for six seats in Stavely:
• Hall, Gentry (incumbent);
• Hudson, Beth.
• Binmore, Janice(incumbent);
• Dixon, Kathy;
• Emery, Curtis;
• Gugala, Dale (incumbent);
• Holmes, Russell;
• James, Don;
• Martin, Tim;
• Norby, Don (incumbent);
• Perusse, Randy (incumbent);
• Todd, Linda;
• Whittingham, Ramona.
Municipal District of Willow Creek
One councillor is elected in each of seven divisions, with the reeve selected by council at their first meeting
Division 1
• Van Driesten, John;
• Van Hierden, Henry (incumbent).
Division 2
• Kroetsch, John (incumbent), acclaimed.
Division 3
• Sandberg, Maryanne V. (incumbent), acclaimed.
Division 4
• Alm, Glen (incumbent);
• Toone, Brad.
Division 5
• Hemmaway, Earl (incumbent);
• Markle, Darry.
Division 6
• No nominations.
Division 7
• Sundquist, Ian Walter (incumbent), acclaimed.

Nominations will remain open in Division 6 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon for six days, from Sept. 18 to 22 and Sept. 25, until a nomination is received.
Livingstone Range School Division board
Three wards with Ward 1 and 3 electing two trustees, and Ward 3 electing three.
Ward 1 (Nanton to Granum)
• McKee, John (incumbent);
• Swanson, Jaye;
• Toone, Bradley (incumbent);
• Vanderfluit, Jacqui.
Ward 2 (Lundbreck to the Crowsnest Pass)
• Long, Gregory Alan;
• Stevens, Kristy (incumbent);
• Clara, Yagos (incumbent);
Ward 3 (Fort Macleod to Pincher Creek)
• Burdett, (Jim) James W., acclaimed;
• Hodges, Lori (incumbent), acclaimed;
• Vacant, no nomination received.

Nominations will remain open daily from 10 a.m. to noon, until all vacancies are filled, or
Sept. 25.
Information will be available at

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