Council to support ‘Soup Bowl’ initiative with $1,000 contribution

By Rob Vogt
Claresholm town council will provide $1,000 to the “Soup Bowl” a new initiative in the community, to purchase a freezer that will become the property of the Claresholm Social Centre if the “Soup Bowl” initiative concludes.
The decision came at council’s May 8 meeting after they reviewed information provided by Brenda Halliwell, organizer of the “Soup Bowl”.
She explained they are a group of local community members working to help neighbours connect, build relationships, and assist others.
They are hosting a weekly, non-denominational soup social open to anyone in Claresholm and surrounding area.
In particular, they are open to those who may not have enough resources to fill their needs every day, such as older adults on a fixed income, families on limited resources, food bank recipients, and others who could simply use a warm bowl with peers and friends.
Halliwell said there is a need in the community for connections. This is an opportunity to build community relationships, share some time with peers, improve volunteer spirit, allow the seniors’ community a better chance to get together, and help coordinate the efforts of the food rescue program and food bank to start.
There is also an opportunity for community members to assist by donating surplus garden stocks, and for the local business community to participate in a meaningful way with products, cash and/or time to the project.
Meals will be prepared at the Claresholm Social Centre, which has an Alberta Health Services approved kitchen.
The first “Soup Bowl” will be at the Claresholm Social Centre on Tuesday, June 13, and Tuesdays after that, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Halliwell outlined the program’s immediate needs:
• $1,000, for 14.8-cubic-foot chest freezer;
• $280, for a 40-quart stainless steel soup pot;
• $200, for four commercial baking pans.
Council then agreed to support the “Soup Bowl” initiative by Brenda Halliwell with a donation of $1,000 in order to purchase a freezer, on the stipulation this item becomes the property of the Claresholm Social Centre should the “Soup Bowl” initiative conclude.