High school hands out extra-curricular awards

By Rob Vogt Local Press Writer
Willow Creek Composite High School honoured achievement in extra-curricular activities with their annual awards last week.
At an event at the school on June 16, Kailynn Vogelaar was named the female athlete of the year, and Nate Wright was named male athlete of the year.
Lydianna O’Neil was the honourable mention female athlete of the year, while Vann Woodman was the honourable mention male athletes of the year.
The Grade 9 female athlete of the year was Ciera Schmirler while the Grade 9 male athlete of the year was Zak Wright.
The Grade 8 female athlete of the year was Ella Fletcher while the Grade 8 male athlete of the year was Syler Sabey.
The Grade 7 female athlete of the year was Jewel Simpson while the Grade 7 male athlete of the year was Briggs Baker.
The following awards were also presented:
Cross-country running
• Moses Smith, sportsmanship.
• Tristen Mackin, most valuable player;
• Vann Woodman, most valuable player.
• Nate Wright, most outstanding player;
• Josh Buck, most outstanding lineman;
• Blake Davis, most outstanding teammate.
• Jill Nelson, most valuable player;
• Mya Lobreau, 3D – Dedication, Determination and Drive;
• Kailynn Vogelaar, most versatile player;
• Dakota Van Langen, most outstanding junior varsity player.
• Andrew Meek, most perseverance;
• Leeyah Elke, best attitude.
Basketball, girls
• Mackenzie Jones, hustle award;
• Amy Froese, most improved;
• Lydianna O’Neil, coaches award.
Basketball, boys
• Nate Wright, most valuable player;
• Logan Read, leadership;
• Blake Davis, most improved.
• Clayton Van Langen, most dedicated.
Track and field
• Lydianna O’Neil, top female;
• Ty Gertner, top male.
• Roan Crowe, most valuable player;
• Garett Lundgren, pitcher of the year;
• Nate Wright, most runs batted in.
Slo pitch
• Kailynn Vogelaar, most valuable player;
• Kenna Demaere, 3D – Dedication, Determination and Drive;
• Laci McLeod, heart and hustle.
Student leadership
• Emmitt Carlson, most dedicated.
• Emmitt Carlson, editor, 2021-2022.
COBRAS awards (Commitment, Opportunity, Behaviour, Respect, Attitude, Sportsmanship)
• Marlee Martineau; Amy Hamlyn; Logan Read; Jill Nelson; and Mya Lobreau.