Granum post office temporarily closed

Mail pick-up in Claresholm

By Rob Vogt, Local Press Writer

Residents of Granum were greeted with a sign on the front door of the Granum Post office today (Oct. 30) indicating the building is closed and people can pick up their mail in Claresholm.Mail pick-up will start in Claresholm on Monday, Nov. 2.The Granum Post Office has essentially been moved to the Claresholm Post Office.The Granum postmistress will have her own area to sort mail and will be at the counter for much of the day to hand out mail to Granum residents.Granum residents need only go to the front desk and ask for their mail.However, bringing photo identification is encouraged in case the Granum postmistress is not handing out mail, and Claresholm staff may not be as familiar with the residents of Granum.The building in Granum has been closed “due to building concerns” according to the sign on the door, for the next few weeks while it undergoes an inspection.