Council awards contract for multi-use buildings

Claresholm town council has awarded the contract for the multi-use community buildings project to Tricon Developments Inc. in the amount of $3,038,333 plus GST.
The project will see a playschool and day care constructed north of West Meadow Elementary School on the western boundary of Claresholm, and a multi-use building, that will include town administration and family and community support services, on the site of the old Claresholm Elementary School.
The decision came at council’s Jan. 13 meeting, after council reviewed a report from administration.
That report stated administration requested council accept a proposal for the multi-use buildings project.
The request for proposals closed Dec. 17. Administration reviewed the proposal and short-listed the proposals for ad hoc committee reviewing.
Members of the ad hoc committee, as well as representatives from the day care and playschool, reviewed the proposals on Jan. 6, 2020.
As per the request for proposal, the successful proponent, if any, would be notified by Jan. 15, 2020.
Fourteen proposals were submitted for the project. The proposals were graded based on the following evaluation criteria:
• organizational profile;
• overall suitability of the proposal, such as objectives, approach taken, delivery schedule;
• proponent qualifications, such as experience, team, technical capability, etc.;
• proposal compensation, that is overall value for money;
• proposal completeness, that is detail and presentation.
The ad hoc committee recommended accepting the proposal from Tricon Developments Inc. in the amount of $1,763,837.00 for the multi-use building and $1,274,496.00 for the day care and playschool building plus G.S.T.
This design is functional without many required changes, and provides flexibility moving forward with room for expansion. The company is experienced with design/build projects. There are value-added upgrades to the design and components as well as inclusions on, window shades, sound panels, extra washroom facilities, day care/playschool fencing, and so on.
The total budgeted cost for this project is $3,800,000. The project is to be funded by way of grants and debenture.
Servicing, parking lots, landscaping, and so on are not included in the above prices, but will be included in the overall budget.