Newspapers Matter – Now more than ever

National Newspaper Week | October 6-12, 2019

The Claresholm Local Press is celebrating National Newspaper Week this week, and our 93rd Anniversary. The Claresholm Local Press was started by a single man and is still a proud independent community newspaper. We take pride in sharing our community’s news and events from week to week, and hope you continue to support us by reading and advertising in the paper! We invest in our community by telling the stories of the people who live and work here. The Claresholm Local Press is supported by advertising. When a business or individual buys an advertisement in the Local Press, it subsidizes space for the local news you enjoy reading. Without advertising there would be no newspaper. We are a subscription based paper. The subscription and cover price offset the distribution expences, but doesn’t begin to cover the cost of maintaining a building or the salaries and wages of 6 full-time and 3 part-time staff members. If you enjoy reading about our community, please continue to support our advertisers, and your community newspaper. Quite simply, we support the community that supports us – something that can’t be said for social media outlets. We ask you to keep us at the top of your mind for sharing your news and events. We strive to put out a newspaper you find equally interesting and informative, because we are your community newspaper, and we’re here share your trials and triumphs. We love having feedback from our readers. If we have included something you like, or dislike, let us know!


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