Community rallying to help fallen friend

By Rob Vogt
Life can change in the blink of an eye.
One simple event can really complicate life.
That’s what happened to Shane Carlson, affectionately called “Smig” by many in Claresholm.
Carlson was finishing up work on April 26, and getting ready to head home to his family for the night.
While standing at the top of a flight of stairs, he experienced an epileptic seizure that would change everything.
The seizure initiated a dead weight fall down a flight of basement stairs which resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Carlson spent several days in the hospital and has been unable to work since.
At this time, rest is the best medicine to decrease the swelling in his brain, while he still waits to see a neurologist and have more tests done. Doctors have suggested Carlson may be off work for six months. Initially, the prognosis was that he may never work again.
Carlson is improving, but still has a long way to go. He gets worn out easily, leaving him unable to resume his work as a self employed plumber.
Sam Woermann, a friend of the Carlsons, has set into motion some fundraising activities. She said work expenses are piling up and, with his family situation, the Carlsons could probably use a little bit of help from the community to get them by.
“Anyone who knows the Carlson family knows that they are fiercely independent and to agree to accept a little bit of help going forward is a HUGE deal,” she said.
“Shane has helped out many in this town and it would sure be nice to see some help coming back,” Woermann added.
A fundraising page has been set up at under “Support Smig”.
Electronic transfers can be sent to, and a fundraising account has been set up at the Credit Union called “Help Smig”.