Community mosaic mural project under way

By Rob Vogt
The Welcoming Claresholm Committee is asking community members to let their inner artist shine and become part of their community mosaic mural project.
Amanda Zimmer, secretary of the committee, said the mural will show the community’s inclusiveness, diversity and sense of belonging.
The mural is a large image of a tree, made up of numbered squares. Each square will be decorated with a group of smaller images.
Community members are invited to take home a kit to paint their square.
Participants will receive a numbered square with the colour scheme for that section of the mural. The kit also shows a picture of the whole mural, a close-up of their particular square, and where it fits into the mural. People can use the paints included, or they can use their own on the colour scheme for their square.
Every square will become part of the mural, but is a picture or image on its own as well.
Zimmer said that just as every person is an individual, they are also part of the community.
Once participants have completed their unique squares, they are asked to bring them to the Claresholm Local Press office downtown.
They will then be scanned and digitally combined into the larger mosaic mural.
Local artist Denise Spencer created the image of the tree for the mosaic mural.
“We chose the image of the tree because Claresholm is a place to grow, set roots and reach your potential,” Zimmer said.
The deadline for submissions is May 15, so the squares can be assembled and the progress of the mural shown on the Welcoming Claresholm Facebook page.
Other communities have completed mosaic mural such as Okotoks and Rocky Mountain House.
The goal is to reveal and install the final mosaic mural in 2025, but details are yet to be determined.