MLA discusses concerns over physician funding

The local MLA has met with physicians and the provincial minister of health to discuss concerns over changes to the way physicians will be paid.
Last month local physicians expressed their concerns to town council and the public that changes to physician compensation, which they said could amount to a 30 per cent cut, will affect the quality of care and make it more difficult to recruit and retain doctors.
Roger Reid, MLA for Livingstone-Macleod, said in an interview on Feb. 28, he has met with the doctors.
“To hear their concerns and get some perspective,” he said.
He took what he heard to Tyler Shandro, the minister of health.
“He’s been receptive,” Reid said. “I think we need to have that dialogue continue.”
He added the government needs to work with the Alberta Medical Association and physicians on the issue.
“To have strong rural health care,” he said.
“I’m watching it closely,” he continued. “I have a lot of constituents who work in health services.”
He added health care has to be sustainable in the long-term.