Council supports Moffat Park for location of new skatepark

By Rob Vogt, Local Press Writer

Claresholm town council has recommended Moffat Park, located west of the community centre, as the location for a proposed new skatepark.

At its March 25 meeting, council reviewed a letter from Sherry Levesque, chair of the Claresholm Skatepark Association, and a presentation by Coun. Brad Schlossberger who represents the town on the association.

Schlossberger explained the project has reached a point where a location is required.

Newline, the contractor on the project, wants a location in order to create a two-dimensional design for the proposed park.

Levesque said the vision for the skatepark is concrete engineered, with aesthetically-pleasing landscaping, green space, seating, and shade. The first phase of the park would be similar to the current skatepark, but the association would like to double the size of the park in the future and have the option to add a BMX or push, pump bike track to the design.

She said three locations were proposed with each having merits and disadvantages:

1) Moffat Park, which is slotted for renovation or removal, would help establish a recreation district in the community. It is large enough for expansion projects, close to amenities, away from residential areas, and a potential selling feature for the new subdivision.

2) Centennial Park, west of the fire hall or north of the fire hall where the south t-ball diamond is. The community supported this area, noise may be an issue, and the closest amenity is the Shell gas station across the highway.

3) Former elementary school’s northeast corner, which is close to amenities, visible from the highway, and close to the east and west side.

Mayor Doug MacPherson and Coun. Gaven Moore liked Moffat Park.

Coun. Mike Cutler said a letter has been sent to the Willow Creek Agricultural Society, who lease that land, and there are some concerns.

He asked if the baseball diamond at Moffat Park is needed, and what will expansion of the park look like.

Representatives of the skatepark association are coming to the next ag society meeting as well to talk about the proposal.

Schlossberger said the association has asked the youth and Moffat Park is their choice.

He also noted the association has been to several community events where they had a table with a display about the skatepark and that is where the idea of Centennial Park came up.

Cutler said there is hesitation because Moffat Park is on the edge of town and isolated.

Coun. Kieth Carlson said the ball diamond at Moffat Park is used as an overflow from other diamonds, for practices.

Schlossberger added there are four diamonds at Millennium Park, but only one is suitable for minor ball.

MacPherson said he has concerns about using Centennial Park because there already is a lot there, and the park could be over-utilized. It could take away from Centennial Park.

“There’s too much stuff in a small area,” he said.

He suggested supporting Moffat Park and having the Town of Claresholm invest in some moveable fences for Millennium Park so those diamonds could be used for minor ball.

Council then agreed to support the location of Moffat Park for the new Claresholm Skatepark from the options presented by the Claresholm Skatepark Association.

It was noted approval is still needed from the ag society who lease that land.