Claresholm Kinsmen urge everyone, ‘Don’t let the momentum die’

By Rob Vogt, Local Press Writer
Capitalizing on the enthusiasm generated by Claresholm’s bid to become Kraft Hockeyville, the Kinsmen Club of Claresholm wants to keep the momentum going with a contest to show your support for the Claresholm Arena.
Claresholm is still in the running, with top four finalists for Kraft Hockeyville being announced on March 17.
So, leading up to that day, the Kinsmen wants everyone to show their love for the arena by decorating their home or business for Hockeyville.
“At least we could do is keep the momentum going,” said Mike Cutler of the Kinsmen.
That is just in case a representative of Hockeyville should happen to drive through town, they would see how much Claresholm supports Hockeyville.
You can decorate anything from your windows to your yard, vehicle, or anything else.
The winner of the residential contest will win $250, with $150 for second place, and $100 for third place.
The winner of the business contest will win lunch catered by the Kinsmen, while second place will receive coffee, hot chocolate, donuts and muffins from the Kinsmen.
The contest deadline is March 10, with winners announced March 17.
Winners will be determined by a panel of mystery judges.
“It’s just something to keep the momentum going,” Cutler said.
Anyone interested in registering for the contest can e-mail (no dashes or spaces).
People can also show their support at the same time for the 2A boys’ basketball provincials which Claresholm is hosting from March 15 to 17, by including that in their decorating.
More information on Kraft Hockeyville is available at