Town council financially supports indoor walking

By Rob Vogt, Local Press Writer

Claresholm town council has agreed to provide $1,000 to support indoor walking for another season at the Claresholm Community Centre.

At its Oct. 23 meeting, council decided to donate $1,000 to the indoor walking group for the use of the community centre for the time frame of October 2017 to March 2018, and that all details regarding the facility rental, such as times, dates, terms, and conditions, be arranged through the Claresholm Community Hall Board.

The decision came after council reviewed a letter from Peter Duerholt in which he made the request.

“This will be the fourth year of attending the walking group and find that elderly people, both healthy and with various physical issues are attending and enjoying the ability to exercise during our winter months,” he stated in his letter. “It is also a social get together for some, while others focus on walking as best as they can. This is definitely a worthwhile program for the seniors of Claresholm.”