Granum to introduce Leader in Me to students

By Rob Vogt, Local Press Writer

There is a lot happening in Granum School as a new year gets under way, including a new focus on leadership.

Principal Jackie Kark said the school has 62 students this year, which is just one less than projected.

“Some new families moved in,” she said. “We’re always very excited when new families join us in Granum.”

Samantha Curl has also joined the staff as an educational assistant in Division 3, which is Grades 7 to 9.

The big, exciting news Kark has is that Granum School is bringing the Leader in Me program, and its seven habits of highly effective teens, to students.

Staff have already done two days of training.

“We’re really focusing on developing leadership potential in every student,” Kark said.

The school held their annual Terry Fox Run on Sept. 15, raising $152, which exceeded the goal of raising a toonie for every student.

The event was an opportunity for student leaders to lead. Leadership teams looked after the assembly, the route, and other aspects of the Terry Fox Run.

They will continue to learn leadership skills, in part, through leading school activities.

“We’re really hoping to focus on that, especially with our Division 3 class this year,” Kark said.

The school is also working with the Porcupine Hills Early Childhood Coalition to bring a rhyme, play and learn program to Granum.

It will provide children exposure to literacy before they start school.

“We’re trying to (enhance) the early literacy skills,” Kark said.

This year there will be a period called Learning Commons.

The school was evergreened this year, meaning there is new technology such as lap tops, Chrome books and iPads.

The school wants to help students become really familiar with Google Apps, which is being introduced across the school division.

“We’re trying to expose them to a wide range of technology,” Kark said.

The first project students did was a poster on the “Greatness of Granum”.

They were asked to think about all the great things about Granum School.

“The things they value in Granum School,” Kark said. “It became very (clear) how attached they are to the building and the staff here.”

The school will continue with synergy groups, which are cross-graded activities students do to explore subjects that interest them.

They are the last period every Friday, and are an opportunity to expose students to things beyond the curriculum.

In October the Calgary Parks And Wilderness Society, a program around science education, will be coming to the school for two full days, making presentations to all classes both days.


leadership – Jackie Kark, principal of Granum School, said there is a lot planned for this year, including introducing the Leader in Me program to students. Photo by Rob Vogt