New information regarding the positive COVID-19 case in Claresholm

By Rob Vogt, Local Press Writer 
There is new information on the positive COVID-19 case in Claresholm recently reported by Alberta Health on its website. The Local Press received a statement regarding the individual, who has and will remain anonymous to protect their identity.
“The person who tested positive for Coronavirus had been out of the country for a period of time,” the statement reads. “Upon returning to Canada they, and their entire family, went into complete self isolation at home and did not leave the property.
“They did not go out for groceries, they did not stop for gas on their way home or order food for pick up.
“They have stayed home, and followed all proper procedures as recommended by the health authorities.
“Upon the onset of symptoms, 811 was contacted immediately and all instructions from them were followed, including complete and immediate quarantine of the patient and isolation of the entire family.
“Neither the patient, nor their family have been out in the community since leaving the airport. 
“They have been following posts and comments on Facebook in regards to their positive test results and would like to thank those of you who took the time to write kind words and send healing thoughts and prayers.
“The patient is recovering well, and none of the rest of the family has fallen ill.
“They are not embarrassed by this diagnosis and nor should they be.
“More than the recommended precautions were taken, and comments telling them to stay home and quarantine or demanding their identity be released are not helpful.
“Know that they have done all they can and more to protect you, the community members they know and those they have never met.
“Please do the same and respect their privacy and stay home like they did to help flatten the curve. 
“We’re all in this together. Stay safe, be kind, wash your hands.”

The Government of Alberta continues to update information on cases of COVID-19 at