Council informed Emercor lawsuit has been dropped

By Rob Vogt, Local Press Writer
A lawsuit involving the town of Claresholm and a business that was located at the Claresholm Industrial Airport has been dropped, or discontinued.
At its Feb. 26 meeting, Claresholm town council was updated in a report from administration that stated on March 4, 2014 an emergency event at the Claresholm Industrial Airport triggered the high pressure fire sprinkler system at which point there was mechanical failure which led to the entire sprinkler system being taken off line, and was not restored due to the condition and cost of getting it back online.
The discontinuation of this sprinkler system led to a lawsuit being filed by ESIP Holdings Ltd. and Emercor Ltd. on April 4, 2016.
As of Feb. 20 administration was notified ESIP Holdings Ltd. and Emercor have filed a discontinuance of the lawsuit formally releasing the town from this suit as well as for any and all past or future claims relating to the non-operation or failure of the sprinkler system at the airport.